MTD20 DTU is a simple and practical mobile communication solution for terminal, it supports 2G, 3G or4G LTE network. It uses embedded TCP/IP protocol stack, to solve the limitation that users have to embed TCP/IP into the client system when uses theĀ  ordinary module without TCP/IP protocol stack, and it uses reliable mobile communication network to implement the transmission of data information. Meanwhile simplified the interface design and the external servo circuit to make it more suitable for harsh industrial field, like RS-232, RS-485 and TTL interface. And use the way of simple data pass-through or custom protocol to realize the reliable data communication of end-to-end and greatly reduce the development time and maintenance workload of users.
In addition, this series product can implement various equipment access flexibly and make engineering installation simple. Suitable for single-chip microcomputer data collection and transferring system, PLC, RTU and IPC etc. Make original serial equipment into a wireless network communication device without change immediately, decreased the input from system upgrading for customers.
This series product has been widely used in electricity, oil, coal, finance, communication, public security, thermal industry, meteorology, water conservancy, life, transport vehicle monitoring and dispatching system, etc.

1U VDSL2 IP DSLAM with 16 ports , support Bonding, support full VDSL2/ADSL2+/ADSL2/ADSL, AnnexA/M/L