VDSL2 Module IV02

Product Brief :
IV02 using the high-performance single-chip(BCM63381) solution in the industry, is an ADSL2 + /VDSL2 gateway device characteristic model modem module to solve the emerging ADSL2 + /VDSL2 low-end market, 600 MHz dual core MIPS processor.
IV02 support robust routing function: AT/DMZ/VRRP/DDNS/Telnet/SSH/NTP/IGMP/RIP /VPN (IPSEC)/IP (MAC) filter etc. supports WAN <-> LAN routing concurrency and multi-port Gigabit Ethernet / Fast Ethernet switching, L3 packet processing.The BCM63381 can also support Ethernet as a WAN port, is the ideal choice for industrial communication equipment manufacturers.

Product Specification:
1. Compatible with ADSL/ADSL2+/VDSL2
 VDSL2 Band plan:plan 997、plan 998
 VDSL2 Profile:8a、8b、8c、8d、12a、12b、17a
2. Supports Annex A/M/J
3. Supports a variety of Internet connection mode:PPPoE、PPPoA、IPoA、MER
4. Advanced routing function:NAT/DMZ/VRRP/DDNS/Telnet/ SSH/NTP/IGMP/RIP/VPN(IPSEC)/IP(MAC)filter etc.
5.Communication interface:DSL/Ethernet/RS232(TTL)interface
6. Size:length/width/height:72×60x15(mm)
7 Interface pin : 2 single row straight 1X15pin,the 2.54mm specification
8. Input voltage:DC/5V,the power consumption is less than 3W
9.Working temperature:-20 ℃~70 ℃

Product features:
1.The right size, very suitable for embedded integration
2.Effcient power design, more effectively reduce the overall power consumption of the module, relative VDSL2 CPE devices on the market 40% reduction in power consumption